Employer Quick Look



there’s real responsibility. Real challenge. Real rewards. And real opportunity
to climb faster and further.

DISH is an exciting place to work. We bring excitement and enjoyment to
millions of people everyday. And we do it better than just about anyone. When
you work here, you can write your story at the same time you help write ours.

DISH is an innovative industry leader distinguished by its pioneering spirit.
Ever since our establishment in 1980, we’ve been the ideal workplace for people
with adventurous spirit and creativity, who are smart risk takers and
aggressive winners – all those for whom the status quo just isn’t enough. Our
Fortune 200 Company continues to define the curve in television entertainment.
We are always improving and extending our products and delivering greater value
to people, including our workforce of 25,000 plus. Come explore the big picture
with us!


Since our earliest days we’ve held firm to the values and principles that gave us our early successes. If your personal work preferences synch well with us, we’re a great fit. We’re open and honest about the fact we may not be right for everyone and that’s OK. Your talents and passions are what define you as an individual. Neither you nor we should have to compromise on things of that importance.


Our employee culture is defined simply by three themes first developed by the founders of DISH


Pride - We possess the integrity to set high goals and the commitment to achieve the results. We always put forth the effort that makes us feel good about ourselves and our Company. We believe pride is a personal commitment; it is an attitude that separates excellence from mediocrity.


Adventure - We dare to explore the uncharted course, while possessing the confidence that we can overcome the obstacles along the way. We accept the tough challenges so we can feel the exhilaration of victory.


Winning - There is no substitute for winning. We lead the satellite industry. We possess the discipline and the competitive spirit to make winning a reality. A team that takes pride in its work and is willing to share the adventure will win!


Dish offers the extensive benefit plan you would expect of an established Fortune 200 company, including a comprehensive medical/dental/vision plan, a competitive 401(k) plan, tuition reimbursement, flexible spending options, an employee stock purchase plan, and an employee candidate referral plan. In addition, we offer profit sharing, training opportunities and, of course, a free DISH satellite TV system and programming. In addition to benefits, what Dish offers employees extends far past the typical rewards found at more conventional companies. Here, we challenge traditional approaches to business, making that the true benefit to our employees, who have the satisfaction of watching their work change the way the world communicates.


We pride
ourselves in our ability to recruit top college students who embrace our unique
culture. We specifically seek candidates who believe that excellence is a
personal commitment, possess confidence to overcome obstacles and embody a
competitive spirit. We seek candidates who will become the future leaders of
our company, drawing upon their intelligence, need for achievement and energy.
We place college hires in the best positions available to build lasting careers
in a demanding environment, challenging the predetermined career path typical
in more traditional companies. Rather than trying to match you to a pre-set job
description, we find the right talent first, and then offer the best
opportunities that match your individual abilities and interests.


Together, we make the difference!

Dish values the ways in which all
people are unique and different. These differences generate ideas, information,
and energy that make us successful. By fostering a diverse business
environment, Dish welcomes opportunities to learn from each other, our
customers, investors, suppliers, and business partners